Olive oil is the synonym for a healthy life, healthy cooking and for general well being. Our passion for exquisite olive oils come from respecting nature, farming, cultivation and enjoying this unique natural product.

depending on availability, our oils come from small private farms around the mediteranean sea and cyprus. One of our favourites is the “Terra Oliva” farm between Larnaca and Limassol located in the moderate middle region of cyprus.

Olive oil is a vulnerable natural product and so our suppliers take caution not to take away the goodness of the olive when pressing it to oil. Latest technologies are essential to preserve the natural goodness of olive oils. Enjoy olive oil on salads, when cooking, for dressings, in smoothies (vitamins are fat soluble) or just take a teaspoon daily in the morning to boost your metabolism with the unsaturated fat acids and antioxidants.

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