Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of trade with Contessa-Delikatessen (TERMS)
Being – Euro-Marketing-Services, Dirk Roediger, Heimburgerstrasse 108a, 16827 Alt-Ruppin

1. Preambel

The general terms and conditions apply for all transactions, being it for orders, deliveries, contracts as a natural person or
company, who do business with and through our website and shop at www.Contessa-Delikatessen.de.

2. Contractual partners, etc.

The contract is made between the supplier being „Contessa-Delikatessen“ and the customer ordering who accepts the TERMS
set out by „Contessa-Delikatessen“. It is at „Contessa-Delikatessen“ own discretion to confirm each order and offers made have
no binding commitment to „Contessa-Delikatessen“.
The contractual parties are „Contessa-Delikatessen“ by Euro-Marketing-Services and the customer/ orderer as a legal entity.
„Contessa-Delikatessen“ has the right to have the contract settled by the orderer or their associates. The orderer is liable to the
full amount ordered and is obliged to settle all resulting invoices with „Contessa-Delikatessen“ when entering this contract.
„Contessa-Delikatessen“ will only be liable for its own contractual obligations entered into

3. Prices and payments

„Contessa-Delikatessen“ will make all efforts to deliver on time as agreed. „Contessa-Delikatessen“ cannot be held responsible
for lat deliveries or cancellations if a third party cannot fulfil ist obligation towards „Contessa-Delikatessen“. Deliveries will be
made as soon as possible to a later date.
All prices stated are valid at the time of purchase and order and incl. all taxes and levies which could apply. All prices are ex
works „Contessa-Delikatessen“ Germany. Should products be unavailable, „Contessa-Delikatessen“, will reserve its right to
cancel the order or deliver at a later stage. „Contessa-Delikatessen,“ will make all efforts to keep the price agreed at the time
of purchase.
Prices can be adapted if the customer makes changes to the order itself by changing quantities, items, or delivery address, etc.
Invoices by „Contessa-Delikatessen“ are to be settled with the order, via one of the available payment conditions offered.
„Contessa-Delikatessen“ can negotiate other conditions with the customer under certain conditions.

4. Cancellation of the contract

A cancellation is only possible in writing giving a valid and acceptle reason for a cancellation. The acceptance lies with
„Contessa-Delikatessen“ and the the customer might have to pay a penalty for his cancellation even id the good have not been
sent as yet..
If a cancellation is accepted, „Contessa-Delikatessen“ will inform the customer in writing and will refund payments made
deducting agreed penalty charges. Generally the customer has the right to cancel the order withing one week after ordering id
the good have not left the premises of „Contessa-Delikatessen“.
Has the delivery commenced, the contract has to be fulfilled.
A minimum order value for each order made will not undercut the amount of € 25,– incl taxes etc. Delivery costs are excluded.
The general delivery conditions stated apply only for delivery in the jurisdiction oft the federal republic of Germany.

5. Cancellation by „Contessa-delikatessen“

Conditions fort he cancelation of orders also apply for „Contessa-Delikatessen“. The conditions for cancelling the contract by
„Contessa-Delikatessen“ are as follows:
– Force majeure for reasons which are out of the hand of „Contessa-Delikatessen“.
– „Contessa-Delikatessen“ cannot guarantee a safe and responsible contractual fulfilment.
„Contessa-Delikatessen“ will inform the customer by time about the reason for cancelling the contract entered into. The
customer has no right for compensation out of this cancellation.

6. Finally

The customer agrees to use the purchased products only as what the are intened for so no harm can be caused for health an
life. Further the customer will inform us:
– if the delivered items are damaged (photo of parcel and product).
„Contessa-Delikatessen“ will remain the owner of all its delivered products until final settlement of invoices is made.
Changes to these conditions will have to be made in separate consultations. If a clause should be invalid, it will be replaced by
a valid interpretation. A cancelation of the contract due to this is not possible. All contractual differences must be put forward in
writing. The law for this contract agreement is the German trade law and will not underlie the UN regulations
Any cases put forward to be fought in court is agreed to be Germany and „Contessa-Delikatessen“ business registration court