About us

Who we are,

We, the guys behind the Contessa-delicatessen, are chefs with many years of experience in the best hotels and restaurants around the world, to get you the best products from all parts of this beautiful planet. We try to bring this experience right to your door step.

Our products are from renowned suppliers, friends and associated chefs, which we have known over many years of close collaboration. Our partners have a great passion for their products and we will offer these at the best price possible.

You as our future customers will benefit from our expertise and our passion only supporting pure products from lpcal suppliers without exploitation and not harmful to the environment. Thus, not all products will always be available at all time.

Enjoy our products from our main regions like Australia, Brasil, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and South Africa. We are continually developing our product range to bring you that little luxury you deserve right into your taste buds.

Do you have a special request?

In this case, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to get this special item which you might know from your last vacation and will try to source it and bring it home to you. Through our network of chefs, we will try our best to get that little memory to you.

We will try to keep exclusive things exclusive.